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At High Point Christian Academy we emphasize academic rigor, utilizing an excellent, college-preparatory, Biblically-integrated curriculum. Each classroom is energized by a challenging and supportive environment. Smaller class sizes enable our talented teachers to provide individual attention and to encourage students to perform at their highest level.
The results of our K-8th grade national standardized tests are indicative of our students’ success. High Point Christian Academy students have consistently performed at superior levels in comparison to national norms. In addition, our graduates are annually awarded scholarships for outstanding academic performance. Past graduates include National Merit Scholar recipients as well as commended National Merit Scholarship designees.
Our graduates pursue their education beyond the secondary level and have been admitted into outstanding colleges and universities across the country.  For a list of college acceptances, click here to view the 威尼斯平台登录 School Profile 2021.
威尼斯平台登录 juniors and seniors had another strong year in AP classes, with an overall 89% pass rate.  Our students had a 100% pass rate in Chemistry AP and English III AP.
Students in grades K-8 are tested annually using a nationally recognized standardized test. Our students have once again given evidence of superior performance when compared to national norms.  A percentile score of 85 means that, on average, students at High Point Christian Academy scored higher than 85% of all the students at that grade level who took the test across the nation.